Obesity is a problem that many people face and that affect their health and daily lives. This problem may face the pregnant women and affect the fetus in her abdomen, as the nature of increasing the weight of the woman in pregnancy does not exceed 8-12 kg, including the weight of the fetus.

How to maintain the weight of a pregnant woman or pregnancy diet for weight loss?

Keep in mind that the amount of calories needed by the mother and fetus mustnot reduce to the extent that harm or lead to a drop in blood sugar level.

This can divide into six meals a day:

  • Three main meals.
  • Three sub-meals between the main meals.

At this time, you can eat some juice, milk or fruit.

Main meals for pregnant women: Also useful for post pregnancy diet.


By Taking, two slices of toast and add to five spoons of cheese or beans with one boiled egg.


Two slices of meat/half a chicken or two fish or a box of tuna, as well as green salad and boiled vegetables.


In this meal, you can choose between repeating one of the previous two meals.

Sub-meals are a fruit or a pack of skimmed yogurt or natural juices that does not contain a high percentage of sugar.

Important tips to reduce weight during pregnancy:

Before taking any type of diet, you should consult your doctor so that the risk to the pregnant woman reduced.

A cup of warm milk can take before bedtime.

Pregnant women with twins may increase their nutritional needs more than other. The gynecologist often cares about adding supplements to pregnant women such as iron and folic acid.

The pregnant woman should take a lot of water, as it is more susceptible to infection of the urethra. Water is very useful for her health and for the fetus and an important element in the process of weight reduction. In addition, sugar substitutes may use during dieting, such as fructose.